Stephen Costello

Managing Director and co-founder at Spectrum.Life

“Steve has worked with some of our biggest clients as a Corporate Wellness Professional and I’d highly recommend him for his knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to drive engagement”

Aisling Watters

Customer Success Executive at Spectrum.Life

“ Steve has contributed massively to our objectives at Spectrum.Life. During his time working with us, he was placed onsite at two of our largest corporate clients with a focus on promoting health and educating staff on how to enhance their overall well-being and lifestyle habits.

One of the most valuable things Steve provided employees while being onsite was teaching both front-line and desk based staff how to look at their joints at work and prevent long term MSK issues. The feedback we have received from staff on Steve’s work has been exceptional and I hope his expertise in this area gets shared in many more companies in the future”

Stephney Leggott