Don, B

Over the past 25 years, I have had trainers - all of whom were Kinesiology grads - but not one could hold a candle to Steve McRae. Steve's degrees (Kinesiology and Masters of Biomechanics) and continuous education, combined with his natural enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity, equip him to assess site-specific problems and create individual approaches that lead to better health and athletic performance.

Rosemary, L

Steve is a  consummate, dedicated professional.His knowledge of how the human body  works enables him to fine tune your exercise program for optimum results.I began seeing Steve for overall fitness and also to work on one problem area that had plagued  me for a very long time.I am happy to report increased fitness and my problem area has almost totally resolved.When you  factor into the equation the fact that Steve 's training sessions are focused but also fun, you have it all.

Paul, B

In preparation for the upcoming golf season I thought it might be a good idea to work on my flexibility and learn to manage my back and shoulder pain that was getting in the way of my day to day activities. I thought I would give Steve a try.   Well, within 2 sessions, my back pain was gone and it has not come back!  After a few more sessions, my shoulder pain is also gone. I feel great, a lot more flexible.  Each session always comprises new exercises, so you do not get bored with the same thing over and over again. His passion for helping golfers and taking great pride in seeing progress in his clients is evident.  I have really felt the benefit and it is already showing in my handicap too!   You might want to give Steve a call today!

John, N 

At age 75 I asked Steve to free my shoulders, stiff neck, and hips; six months later I am pain free, got my length back on the golf course, and feeling much younger!

Al, E

I came to Steve about six months ago while recovering from a severe spell of lower back pain.  Steve has led me through a progression of exercises that have increased the range of motion in my hips while strengthening muscles in my legs and shoulders - reducing the demands on the muscles in my lower back.  He carefully tracks the exercises that we have done at each session in order to plan an appropriate progression.