Functional Range Conditioning by Dr. Andreo Spina

FRC is one of the main tools that I use in my movement services. Please visit his website for more information


The Why and the What

We, I mean us humans, have evolved through movement. Every position we have entered into over the past several hundred thousand years has influenced how our body's are represented today. The human body has this incredible ability to progressively adapt to its surroundings. 

The bad news is, we have stopped moving. We sit in cars. We sit in desks at work. Then we sit in big, fluffy couches and chairs for hours on end when we go home. Now Repeat. Every day.

Now the good news.

Remember how I said the body adapts? That means it is not too late. Using research back methods of improving how each and every one of your joints functions, we can create a more cohesive and capable unit. This means a body that can adapt and move no matter what is asked of it. All you have to do is contact me to get started.